Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mixtape #7

Here's a special mixtape, Sketches of Iran Volume 1: Googoosh, complete with another gorgeous cover designed by PC. Rather than just collecting funky impressions, hopefully this Googoosh collection highlights the astonishing mix of influences swirling around in Persian pop. Among what I assume are traditional folk and classical elements (and certainly not just from Iran) there seem to be flamenco flourishes, latin touches, spy movie soundtrack dramatics, traces of Bacharach bossa and jazzy arrangements. My own favourite Googoosh moments are less about the dancefloor and more to do with glorious sad ballads with swooping, syrupy strings and that amazing quivery, heartbreaking voice. As ever this mix comes with a huge health warning. These are songs I have stumbled across, ones I have fallen in love with. I have no way of telling how representative they are, but I think they are amazing. There will be many who know much more about these things ...

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